Vice Principal's Message

St George's-College-Aruvithura-Vice-Principal's-Message

Vice Principal's Message

Dr. Jilu Ani John

As a proud member of the esteemed academic community of SGC Aruvithura, I am honored to convey my authentic sense of pride and thankfulness in this humble message.

I firmly believe that an institution dedicated to nurturing the higher educational aspirations of our community serves as a beacon for the cultivation, evolution, and dissemination of knowledge. It stands as a repository, safeguarding and transmitting this wealth of wisdom to generations yet to come. In my role as a Vice Principal of such an institution, I recognize the profound responsibility, service, and duty incumbent upon me.

I pledge my unwavering commitment to the holistic well-being and advancement of the students entrusted to my care. Their dreams and aspirations, along with the hopes of their parents, serve as the guiding light propelling me forward. The unity and dedication of our esteemed teaching and administrative staff, forming the indomitable Team SGC, inspire me with boundless energy and drive.

In my journey as an educator, I seek divine guidance and wisdom to uphold honesty, integrity, and compassion in all my endeavors. I embrace each student as my own, fostering an environment of trust, acceptance, and nurturing care.

Together, let us embark on this noble quest to transform our academic family into a sanctuary of love and learning. May our collective efforts make St. George's College Aruvithura a cherished home and a sanctuary for all seekers of knowledge and enlightenment, both worldly and spiritual.

Warm regards