Extension activities

Our college believes in the holistic development of students, not just academically, but also socially responsible citizens. With this vision in mind, we organize various extension activities that aim to serve the community and promote sustainable development.

Blood Donation: One of the significant extension activities we organize is blood donation camps. We conduct these camps regularly, and our students and staff participate actively. We believe that donating blood is a noble cause and can help save someone's life. We encourage all our students to donate blood and spread awareness about its importance.

Blood Donation

Energy Conservation Measures: As responsible citizens, we need to make efforts to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint. In this regard, we have taken several energy conservation measures in our college. We have installed solar panels to generate electricity, which helps us reduce our dependence on conventional power sources. We also encourage our students to use energy-efficient appliances and to adopt practices like turning off lights and fans when not in use.

Anti-Drug Campaigns: Drug addiction is a growing concern in society, and we must take measures to prevent its spread. We conduct various anti-drug campaigns in our college to create awareness about the dangers of drug abuse. Our campaigns include talks, skits, and rallies that educate our students about the harmful effects of drug abuse and the importance of leading a healthy life.

Anti Drug Campaign

Activities by NSS: Our college has an active National Service Scheme (NSS) unit that organizes various extension activities. We conduct awareness campaigns on various social issues like health, hygiene, sanitation, and gender equality. We also undertake initiatives like tree plantation drives, clean-up drives, and community development projects. Our NSS unit encourages students to participate in these activities and contribute to the welfare of the community.

Organic farming

Organic Farming

Childrens Rights Flashmob

Childrens Rights Flashmob

Tribal Library Book Donation

Tribal Library Book Donation