Assessment and Evaluation

The institution has in place a robust system for student evaluation that assesses how much of the disseminated knowledge is successfully assimilated by the students. This is done by conducting formative and summative assessments as mandated by the Mahatma Gandhi University to which the college is affiliated, in addition to various assessment tools that the teaching faculty are free to adopt within the classroom.

Classrooms are not just physical spaces; it is where ideas are shared, debated, contested, and synthesised. To qualitatively and quantitatively understand the health of such an ecosystem, relevant systems of evaluation become a necessary precondition. The teaching faculty adopt novel methods of student evaluation like impromptu question-answer sessions, trivia quizzes, field trips, take-home assignments, laboratory experiments, and creative writing tests to steer the conversation from rote learning to hands-on learning. These innovative methods help the instructor to accurately identify and address gaps in pedagogy since feedback from students is immediate, as opposed to monthly and yearly exams where feedback happens only after the announcement of test results.


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