Events & celebrations

We have a host of exciting events that take place throughout the academic year. Here are the major events that we have lined up:

College Day

College day is an exciting annual event that celebrates the spirit and community of our college. It's a day filled with fun activities, games, and entertainment for students and staff. This event provides an opportunity for everyone to come together, socialize, and create lasting memories. College day also offers a chance to showcase the diverse talents of our students through various competitions and performances.


Onam is the most significant cultural festival of Kerala, and we celebrate it with great fervor at St. George's College. The day is marked with traditional attire, a grand feast, and various cultural activities, including the Pulikali dance, Onappottan, and various competitions. Students, faculty, and staff come together to create a vibrant and festive atmosphere on campus.

Onam 2022

Independence Day Celebrations

The Independence Day celebration at St. George's College, Aruvithura is a vibrant and patriotic event that brings together students, faculty, and staff to commemorate the spirit of freedom and unity. The campus comes alive with the tricolor decorations, echoing the national pride that binds us together.

Arts Fest

The Arts Fest at St. George's College is an event that showcases the talents of our students. The event brings together various art forms such as music, dance, drama, and visual arts, with students competing in various categories. The event provides a platform for students to showcase their creativity and passion, and it's always a delight to witness the talent on display.

Arts fest

Freshers' Day

Freshers' Day is a special event that welcomes new students to the St. George's College community. It's a day filled with excitement and fun, with various activities like treasure hunts, ice-breaking sessions, and cultural performances. This event is a great way for new students to meet their peers and integrate into college life.

Freshers Day


Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, and St. George's College does it with style. The campus is decked out in festive decorations, and the day is marked with carol singing, traditional and various fun activities. It's a great way to end the academic year on a high note and usher in the Christmas season.


Alumni Meet

The Alumni Meet is a chance for our former students to reconnect with their alma mater and reminisce about their college days. The event provides a platform for alumni to share their experiences, network with fellow alumni, and interact with current students. It's always a pleasure to welcome back our former students and hear about their successes and achievements.