Inclusive environment

The institution gives emphasis on creating an inclusive campus in which teachers and students work together to create and sustain an environment in which everyone feels safe, supported, and encouraged to express their views and concerns. The campus acts as a place in which thoughtfulness, mutual respect, and academic excellence are valued and promoted. In the classrooms, the content is explicitly viewed from the multiple perspectives and varied experiences of a range of groups. Content is presented in a manner that reduces all students' experiences of marginalization and, wherever possible, helps students understand that individuals' experiences, values, and perspectives influence how they construct knowledge in any field or discipline. Teachers use a variety of teaching methods in order to facilitate the academic achievement of all students. Students are given opportunities irrespective of any social, cultural, political, economic or physical differences to explore their skills and achieve goals.

The institution maintains harmony and tolerance towards cultural, regional and linguistic diversities, by celebrating different occasions like Onam, Christmas, and Kerala Piravi, to propagate the message of 'unity in diversity'. It brings together students and also provides an opportunity for the students to learn more about different cultures. By celebrating cultural or religious festivals, the institution provides a learning experience – students get to learn about the festival, the reason for the celebration and its significance. The festivals provide a chance for students to respect and participate in events that are not their own. And, they also ensure that students get to showcase their talents. This also promotes harmony among different sections of students, bridging linguistic and regional barriers. Hence the college not only embraces the differences but also serves to view everyone in the diverse group as equals, thus ensuring the true purpose of inclusivity.