Gender equity measures

Gender equity measures

The institution ensures gender equity in all its administrative and academic arenas including admission, appointment, nominations and elections to decision-making and advisory bodies. Right from its inception in 1965, the academic institution follows the policy of inclusion without marginalising anyone with respect to gender. Equal provisions and amenities are provided to the students within the campus and its premises. Gender sensitization of the entire students, teachers and staff is a prime concern of the institution. Gender-based discourses are widely promoted and addressed so as to eradicate the stereotypical notions regarding gender within the institutional framework. Numerous cells function in the college to address gender-related issues such as the Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee/Internal Complaints Committee, Daksha - Women’s Cell etc. and the activities organised by these cells aim to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all the genders proclaiming the values such as equality, inclusion, mutual respect, respect for human dignity, fairness and justice for all.

The college is concerned with developing and implementing gender equity policies on campus. As the college follows a co-education system, the interaction of students irrespective of gender differences is promoted. Gender-specific facilities are guaranteed especially for the girl students in the college.

1. The college has two sanitary napkin vending machines and napkin incinerator machines to ensure menstrual hygiene

2. Irrespective of gender, the college has an open gymnasium.

3. The college follows gender neutral uniform pattern in which all the students shall wear shirts and pants.

4. Full-fledged functioning of Women’s Cell, Anti-Ragging Cell and Sexual Harassment Cell .

5. A common room facility is provided for the women staff and students for relaxation and for medical attention in case of an emergency.

6. The college strictly adheres to the various policies initiated by the UGC, Mahatma Gandhi University and the Government of Kerala for the promotion of gender equity on the campus.

7. The Anti-Ragging Cell ensures that no student on the campus is subjected to physical and mental torture.