Institutional distinctiveness

Fifty five years of distinctive tradition has placed St George’s College Aruvithura in a  comfortable position to adapt itself to the thoroughly transforming world of higher education.  Over the last five decades the institution has been catering to the heterogeneous student community, the majority of which belong to the minority sections of the society including the tribals. The college follows a pluralist vision that traverses across the social and cultural boarders to reach out to the marginalized to ensure equal opportunity of education and better livelihood for all the sections of the society. Most of our students hail from the remote villages in the Western Ghats frequently hit by natural calamities and with scant facilities for commuting to college. The college timings have been scheduled in such a way as to ensure their comfort and safety. The institution makes it a point to give disaster management training for the students. Special remedial classes are arranged for these students to make up for their absence during the heavy monsoon days.

Situated in an area populated mainly by the minority section and itself a minority college, St George’s College Aruvithura a fair and inclusive educational system which extends special attention to the minority category students who are educationally and socially underprivileged. Ever since its inception the college has been the sole higher educational hub for these sections especially the women. The college has enabled them to manage their studies alongside the encumbrances involved in early marriages and early motherhood. Economic backwardness that impedes the educational chances of these marginalized sections is properly addressed by the college in the form of freeships given to deserving students. At the same time the student community of the college shares the awareness of the plight of the marginalized and under-represented which is an antidote to the self-centredness of the present day consumerist society. Students visits the near- by old age homes and offer the inmates help in cash and kind. They serve food packets on a regular basis and joined their hands to build  a house for a needy family.

St George’s College Aruvithura is literally a green space where a clean, green and pollution free environment offers a pristine  backdrop for effective learning experience. The college campus that sprawls across twenty acres is blessed with diverse flora and fauna.  Every avenue is lined up with beautiful trees and we maintain a beautiful garden, meditation park and butterfly garden. Every year we plant more saplings to ensure the lush, vibrant greenery  and healthy environment.The pivots of the environment policy of the college are rain water harvesting, organic farming ,solid waste management, conservation of energy and community cleanliness. The college endorses the policy of nature conservation a in the most effective way so that the entire student community adheres to the green practices strictly which shall stay with them through out their lives.

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