SGC Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy

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In November 2016, the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) released a Startup Policy document for AICTE-approved institutions, to address the need for the inculcation of innovation and entrepreneurial culture in higher education institutions (HEIs). The policy primarily focused on guiding the AICTE-approved institutions in implementing the ‘Startup Action Plan’ of the Government of India. Subsequent to the release of the Startup policy by AICTE and further interaction & feedback received from education institutions, a need was felt for a more elaborate and comprehensive policy guiding document, which could be applicable to all the HEIs in India. This leads to the ‘National Innovation and Startup Policy (NISP)’. NISP-2019 entitled HEIs to compose its own inclusive Policy and Guidelines on fostering innovation and startups. An expert committee is authorized to suitably draft the policy at the institute level considering the available resources, facilities, and broad vision for future developments. An expert committee was formed to formulate an institute-level Innovation Startup Policy at SGC. Formulation of our institute-level policy incorporates all the existing resources available in the institute, to identify and promote internal as well as external entrepreneurial aspirants to establish an ecosystem that can ensure the growth of commercialization of the ideas.

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