Best Practices

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1 Harithachetana - Green Campus Initiatives and Environmental Practices. View
2 Poorna Diksha – Holistic learning and well-being for a better posterity. View

St. George’s College, Aruvithura is situated in the eastern part of Kottayam District, in a transition zone between midlands and Western Ghats where the Meenachil river skirts the campus, an area rich in biodiversity. Most of its student community hail from the nearby hilly areas with unique geo-climatic conditions and  are highly vulnerable to calamities like flash floods. The unprecedented flood of 2018 took a heavy toll on the life and property of the people of the area and some of our students were not spared. This triggered the institution to incorporate sustainable practices to address climate change and protect the environment and thus the Harithachetana practice was introduced.

Set against a heterogenous cultural backdrop, with a sizable population of farmers, estate workers, scheduled castes and Tribes, St George’s College Aruvithura is committed to elevating the youngsters through holistic education.

The unprecedented historical reality of covid19 brought about a rupture in the academics and in turn ,new psychological stressors on students. Mentoring and Counselling sessions pointed to the academic inertia and frustrations about diminishing job prospects. The college invented a new way to cope with “new normal” and Purna Diksha  the Gen Z version of holistic education was launched  which continued into the post-covid era. The practice was launched also as an antidote to hazards that trap the millennials.