At St. George's College, Aruvithura, we are committed to providing an inclusive learning environment that is accessible to all. We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to learn and grow, regardless of their physical abilities. To this end, we have implemented a range of facilities and services to support students with disabilities.

Our campus is designed to be disabled-friendly, with ramps, accessible pathways, and disabled-friendly toilets. We also have wheelchair facilities available to students who need them, to ensure they can move around the campus easily and comfortably.

Accessible Pathways and Lift

In addition to this, our college website has been designed to be accessible to people with disabilities, with features implemented to ensure that the website is easy to navigate and use. We are committed to ensuring that all students, including those with disabilities, have equal access to the information and resources provided on our website.

Our library has a range of facilities to support students with disabilities. We have screen readers available for students with visual impairments, which allow them to access and read digital materials with ease. Our library staff are also trained to assist students with disabilities and provide them with the support they need to make the most of the library's resources.