Capacity building and skill enhancement

With the boom of IT, it is essential to train the student community and to enhance their employability skills befitting the trends of modern workplaces. The Career & Placement Cell, NSS, NCC and Women’s Cell along with the departments are always meticulous to plan the programmes so as to enhance the employability skills of the students. These programmes act as simulants to mould themselves as socially responsible and better citizens of the country.

Soft Skills

Apart from hard skills, soft skills are very essential for a successful career life. In consonance with this objective, training programmes on soft skills are conducted extensively. It helps to give the student community a realistic picture of the contemporary work environment, formulate problem-solving skills and other cognitive skills, to create a desire for achieving personal goals while improving their interpersonal skills and so on.

Thrust Areas

Building confidence

Decision-making ability

Problem-solving Skills

Out-of-the-box thinking

Interpersonal and intrapersonal communication

Time management

Language and Communication Skills

Effective communication plays a key role in both our personal and work environments. Exclusive training was given to the students to improve their four core areas of communication- listening, speaking, reading and writing. The faculty of the Department of English proactively engaged in giving practical training sessions to the students using the facilities provided in the Language Lab. Ubiquitously, English is the global language and English language skills should be nurtured and refined in order to communicate effectively. It is proved that this training session would instil confidence among the students to speak English fluently.

Thrust Areas

Oral communication

Written Communication

Active Listening

Conversational English

Nonverbal and Visual Communication

Contextual Communication

Life Skills

The special skills which will help us to become successful in our personal and professional life can be considered life skills. The training programmes under this category fall as yoga training& practices, physical fitness, awareness of personal health & hygiene, stress management, EQ(Emotional Quotient) and so on. These sessions would help the students to find out the real skills within themselves and to nourish those in a productive way. The importance of personal health, physical fitness and hygiene were emphasized through several seminars and training sessions

Thrust areas:

Personal health and hygiene

Emotional intelligence

Stress management

Yoga &Meditation

Mental health

Training sessions for Skills development such as tailoring, paper carry bag making, crotchet making etc.

IT Skills

IT sets the basis for the new normalcy in each and every fields. Numerous seminars, workshops, symposiums, hands-on-training, hackathons etc. are being organised pertaining to this topic as it is the promising career for the future. It is essential to impart knowledge on both the possibilities and challenges in this field.

Thrust Areas:

ICT Skills

Recent developments in Science

Basics on Software such as Office tools, LaTeX, Matlab etc

Artificial Intelligence

Research Methodology.