Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

The faculty of chemistry started functioning in 1982 with the introduction of BSc Chemistry (main) course. MSc Chemistry started in 1995 as the first post graduate course in our college. In February 2000, the Department was recognized as Research centre by M.G. University. In 2008, the Department was awarded the title of ‘DST-FIST Supported Department’ by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

Retired Teaching Faculty Members

Prof. M.M. Joseph (H.O.D 1966-1994)
Prof. T.M. Chacko [1965-1996, H.O.D (1994-1996)]
Prof. K.J. Devasia [1971-2003 (H.O.D-1996-2001)], Principal [2001-2003]
Prof. Saly George [1976-2007 (H.O.D-2001-2007)]
Prof. George Thomas[1979-2007]
Prof. (Sr.) K.P. Elsamma[1978-2008 (H.O.D-2007-2008)]
Prof. C.J. Mathew [1984-2008]
Prof. Cyrilamma Sebastian[1980-2010 (H.O.D- 2008-2010)]
Prof. (Sr.) K.V. Annamma[1983-2011(H.O.D- 2010-2011)]
 Prof. Ansamma Thomas [1982-2016(H.O.D- 2011-2016)]
Prof. Celine M C [1982-2016]
 Prof. Jose Zacharias[1984-2017 (H.O.D- 2016-2017)]
 Dr. Mary Joseph, Associate Professor 
  Dr. Thressiamma Manuel, Associate Professor
Dr. Ivy Mathew, Associate Professor
Currently there are Four permanent and Four guest faculty members and three supporting staff in the department. Among them, Five are Ph.D holders and one is an MPhil holder. Four members are UGC-JRF holders, four are University rank holders, one won National and one won state awards, two are research guides and seven members have research publications in National and international journals. The current thrust areas of research include Supramolecular Chemistry, Nanochemistry and Polymer nanomaterials. We have conducted two National seminars, a mega exhibition in connection with International Year of Chemistry-2011 celebrations, one national level workshop on 2019  collaboration with ECell IIT Bombay and one all Kerala intercollegiate quiz competition on 2017 and 2020.

Current Teaching Faculties

1. Smt. Sherly Mathew, Associate Professor
2. Dr. Siby Joseph, Associate Professor
3.  Dr. Tessymol Mathew, Associate Professor
4. Dr. Giable George, Assistant Professor
5. Dr. Manju Mathew , Guest Lecturer
6. Mr. Anish Babu , Guest Lecturer
7. Dr. Renu Jose,  Guest Lecturer
8. Ms. Nihita Linson,  Guest Lecturer