B.Sc. Physics

  • Course Type: UG

  • Course Category: Aided

Physics is the most basic and significant branch of science. It is the natural science that studies various questions like How do things fall? What is the smallest thing in this universe, how do the natural objects function? There is no end to it. The subject covers properties and law of matter, the study of energy and their interactions. All the inventions and advances are primarily based on Physics that's been shaping the mankind generation after generation.

Students who are fascinated by the subject are well aware that it is nothing but an adventure. B.Sc in Physics is a three-year programme that enhances one's quantitative argumentation, logical thinking, etc. 

The purpose of this undergraduate programme is to extend one's knowledge base and career scope. Physics graduates get hold of a number of job opportunities in both government and private sectors. Some of the employment areas could be Teacher, Scientist, and Researcher. If fundamentals of Physics is one’s area of interest then he/she should definitely go for B.Sc in Physics and could even opt for higher studies including M.Sc in Physics, M.Tech, B.Ed, etc.