Bhoomithra Sena club

Bhoomithra Sena Club is an eco-friendly club established at St. George's College, Aruvithura. The club was formed with the intention of promoting environmental awareness and conservation among the college community and the surrounding areas.

The club conducts various activities such as tree planting, awareness campaigns, seminars, and eco-tourism programs. It also organizes regular cleanliness drives within the campus and surrounding areas.

Bhoomithra Sena Club actively participates in national-level environmental campaigns like World Environment Day, Earth Day, and National Tree Planting Day. The club also collaborates with other environmental organizations to conduct events and initiatives to spread the message of conservation.

The club has a dedicated team of volunteers, and membership is open to all students. The Bhoomithra Sena Club provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about environmental conservation, sustainability, and the importance of protecting the planet. Through their activities and initiatives, the club inspires students to become eco-friendly citizens and take an active role in preserving the environment.


    To encourage the students to appreciate environment and environmental issues of the locality
    To provide environmental education opportunities for students and involve them in addressing
    environmental issues of the locality
    To utilize the enormous manpower available with students as conduits for awareness of the
    To make students practice and advocate sustainable lifestyles
    To improve the overall environmental quality of the institution

Events Celebrated

1. World Wetland day - 2nd February
2. World Forestry day - 21st March
3. World Water day - 22nd March
4. World Meteorological day - 23rd March
5. World Earth day - 22nd April
6. International Bio Diversity day - 22nd May
7. World Environment Day - 5th June
8. World Ocean Day - 8th June
9. World Ozone Day - 16th September
10. National Pollution Prevention Day - 2nd December