Department of Food Science

Department of Food Science - faculities

st-george-college-aruvithura-Mini Michael;

Mini Michael

B.Tech , Food Tech

st-george-college-aruvithura-Geo george Thomas;

Geo george Thomas

M.Sc. Biochemistry

st-george-college-aruvithura-Bins K Thomas;

Bins K Thomas

M.Sc. Food Science & Technology

st-george-college-aruvithura-Anjaly H;

Anjaly H

M.Sc. Applied Microbiology

st-george-college-aruvithura-Veena Viswanath;

Veena Viswanath

M.Sc. Food Science & Technology

st-george-college-aruvithura-Lysel Elizabeth Chacko;

Lysel Elizabeth Chacko

M.Sc. Food Science & Technology