About SGC TV

SGC Channel,Asia's first campus community telecasting centre is the unique system of the college which conducts ,in collaboration with various units of the college, a number of educational , cultural , recreational and value based programmes to create a well-knit community around the college.

Students run a local TV station, providing the community with news and the kind of information that is relevant to it, as part of a course being conducted at St. George's College, Aruvithura. They are not the `star reporters' of reputed television channels. And they do not chase  people to get `meaty bytes' and `breaking news. Students of  St. George's College Aruvithura, are making a difference by using television as an effective tool for community development. They are the backbone of SGC TV - a channel that has found its place among several others aired by cable television operators in the region. A community-telecasting centre, located on the campus, provides a platform for students to connect with the community. From covering panchayat elections live to mapping various social issues, the channel has already won the hearts of the public.

SGC TV reaches more than one lakh people within a radius of 20 km. Cable operators offer the channel along with several others to the public. To telecast programmes, the college set up two studios on the campus. Video cameras, editing and light-up facilities are also provided to the students. The studio facility was set up at a cost of Rs.40 lakhs. The University Grants Commission supported the venture by providing Rs.16 lakhs. Programmes are available on SGC television from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Besides regular screening of movies and film songs, the channel also airs educational and cultural programmes. Experts on various subjects take classes for the benefit of the student community.  Students work together for the success of the bulletin by keeping track of various civic issues affecting the people. Besides doing the job of reporters, they also take up the roles of news anchors and camerapersons. Repeated efforts to focus on public issues are showing results with the students getting good public feedback for their efforts. "We had recently done a report on the pollution caused by an industrial unit here. The response was overwhelming. Many  told us that they realised the gravity of the issue after watching the programme," says Arun, a final year student.