St George's College, Aruvithura
Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Reaccredited with 'A' Grade by NAAC


Automated Library

               Our library is fully computerized and the books are arranged on Dewey Decimal Classification System. It is automated with “ info weavers ” software developed by “Campus Net” which is able to perform all the library operations. It also follows an open access system. For easy access of books easy search methods are provided. Separate bar coded membership cards are provided for all users. OPAC online public access catalogue is an important facility to provided by our library to the members for the easy access to the documents. Through this facility we can search for books by authortitle, subject, accession member, class member, ISBN etc. “E-GATE” is used to mark the attendance of students and staff “Library Information KIOSK” is used to search books.

Users Orientation Programs

               Orientation classes are arranged for first year students at the time of opening. User education programs are aimed at familiarizing students with the library and literature searching tools like classification and OPAC.


Our college library serves its users in the following way

·       Provides reading materials to the college community to suit their various needs and purposes.

·       Makes material easily accessible physically through open shelves orientation etc.

·       Gives formal and informal instruction for the use of library

·       Gives them easy access to library use and home use through reasonable loan period.

·       Serves as a good reference server.

1. All the staff and students are members of the college library. Every student shall produce his/her identity card

     before entering the library.

2. The library will be open from 08.30 am to 12.15 noon and from 01.00 pm to 04.30 pm on all working days.

3. Personal belongings like books, umbrellas etc. are not allowed to be taken inside the library. Files/papers may be

     taken inside the library for the purpose of taking down notes from reference books.
4. Books of the reference section (including periodicals and text books) will not be lent out but they may be used for

   reference within the library. After reference the books shall be returned to the Librarian.

5. Strict silence should be observed within the library, reading room and the premises.

6. Nobody shall write upon, damage or make any mark upon any book, manuscript or map belonging to the library.

7. When a book is issued to a reader he/she must point out to the librarian any defect noticed concerning the book.

     Otherwise the presumption will be that the book was intact when issued.

   a. If a book is damaged or lost by a member, he/she will have to replace it or pay the present cost of the 

        book  including postage etc. within the time fixed by the principal.

    b.  If one volume /issue of a set is damaged or lost by a 60 member he/she must replace it by a copy of the same

        edition. If such a copy is not available he /she shall pay for it within the time fixed by the principal.

   c.    If a student happens to recover the volume after having replaced it or paid the value there of he/she will not be

          allowed to return it to the library and to get back the new copy or its price.

   d. Borrower’s ticket will be available on payment of Rs. 10/-. In case it is lost, a duplicate card will be issued only

       after one month on payment of a penalty of Rs. 25/-

8. Queue system is to be followed at the issue counter

9.    Each student member can borrow two books at a time. So long as the membership card remains in the library

       the student is responsible for the book and when the book is returned the student should get back his/her card.

10. The period of loan is usually 14 days including the date of issue after which period a fine of Rs. 1. per day per

       book will be levied. Any book, which is temporarily in a special demand, may be lent out for shorter periods and

       the librarian may determine the periods of loan. If a book is not returned within one month after the due date it will

        be considered lost. S. J. Jindal Trust Books on loan may be called back at any time if special need arises.

11. Sublending of books is not allowed. No book prescribed as a textbook shall ordinarily be lent to students during

      the period for which it is prescribed as a textbook.

12. Books or periodicals will be lent to the members of the staff on getting their signature in a personal ledger

       maintained for that purpose.
13. Members of the staff may keep with them text book for the whole academic year and other books (10 at a time) for

      thirty days. They should return all documents at the end of the academic year.
14. All final year students should get the clearance certificate 61 from the librarian, HOD and hostel warden before

       receiving the hall tickets.
15.  Out going students should return their membership card at the end of the academic year. Defaulters will be

        charged Rs. 10/- each. A member, against whom any overdue or other charge is outstanding, shall not be

         allowed to borrow books until he/she has paid the dues.

16.  NCC cadets are not allowed to enter the library in their uniforms.

Those who fail to abide by the rules will be deprived of the privilege of using the library.