St George's College, Aruvithura
Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Reaccredited with 'A' Grade by NAAC


The Departmental Research Development Programme (DRDP) and the Faculty Research Development Programme (FRDP) are two of the latest of a series of academically oriented initiatives undertaken by St George’s College Aruvithura under the vibrant leadership of Dr M V Georgekutty, the Principal. After the resounding success of Student Peer Teaching Platform (SPTP) and The Companion, both uniquely and exclusively student oriented enterprises, the college turned to its Departments and its teaching faculty, the vital energy hubs and fountainheads wherefrom the college draws all its academic energy and enterprise. With a view to provide a fillip to the departments of the college as well as an inspiration for the teaching faculty to take their research aspiration and potential to another level of excellence, the college introduced DRDP, the Departmental Research Development Programme, and Faculty Research Development Programme, FRDP.

At the end of another fruitful year in the annals of  St George’s College, it is worth capturing the essence and the soul of this matchless initiative. The launch of DRDP and FRDPmarked the beginning of a new dawn in the history of this institution, and if destiny is kind to us, these will become the norm and the commonplace, in the Indian academy, if not worldwide, in the days to come.

When we launched SPTP, the world took notice; initially reluctant and doubtful, even the popular media accepted it as a ground-breaking idea. The community around us supported and encouraged us. The Mahatma Gandhi University was happy to see one of its institutions taking the lead and showing the way to the rest of the world; the Vice Chancellor even promised to send a team of experts to study about our new venture. Slowly, but surely the college was making the next step towards achieving excellence. Our students succeeded in taking us to the world’s stage. Now the stage is set for our departments and the faculty to showcase their mettle and their potential to the world.

The Departmental Research Development Programme (DRDP)a major academic initiative of St George’s College Aruvithura launched on 13th of March 2017, this idea isn’t simply new and original; it is revolutionary, for it strives to mould and model the college into a miniature UGC. Probably for the first time in the history of any Aided educational institution in Kerala, we are going to have a college that looks forward to funding departmental research projects on its own. And that institution, it is our pride and it is our own, is St George’s College Aruvithura. Definitely, it wouldn’t have materialised without the active support of the college management, which makes sure that no stone is left unturned in moulding this institution into a model academy par excellence. DRDP offers each department in the college a remarkable opportunity to make a proposal every year for a research project amounting to rupees one lakh to be completed within the next one year. The proposed programme is bound to fosterbetter research ambience and ensure greater camaraderie within the departments.

The Faculty Research Development Programme (FRDP), another academic initiative of St George’s College Aruvithura launched on 13th of March 2017, aims to provide financial assistance to enterprising faculty members desirous of pursuing research in an individual capacity. With its catchphrase Aid to Enrich, FRDP envisions research oriented careers for the faculty, the long term goal being the total overhaul of the teaching-learning mechanism with the focus strictly towards research and innovation. In line with the latest UGC and Central Government regulations that repeatedly emphasize the relevance and centrality of research, the college wishes to provide an impetus to the research instincts and aspirations of its faculty. In a radical and revolutionary move, the funding for the research will be managed by the college management itself, one that clearly highlights the vision and foresight of the management. As part of the FRDP, each member of the faculty can make a research proposal before the principal, fetching a maximum funding of Rs 50,000/- each, to be completed within the next one year. The proposed scheme is bound to augment research aptitude in the faculty and enable them become better scholars and teachers.

DRDP and FRDP: A Bird’s Eye-View

§  SGC’s unique gifts to the academy

§  Totally Research Oriented Enterprises

§  Attention to Departments and Faculty

§  Inspiration for faculty to undertake research

§  College as Miniature UGC

§  Locally Relevant Research Enterprises

DRDP in Focus

v  Departmental Research Development Programme (DRDP)

v  Own Funded Research – first in Kerala

v  Fillip to departments

v  Active support from College Management

v  Research projects worth Rs 1 lakh

v  1 Year Programme

FRDP in Focus

v  Faculty Research Development Programme (FRDP)

v  Faculty Research funded by Management

v  Motivation to Enterprising Faculty

v  Concurrent with UGC & Governmental Regulations

v  Research projects worth Rs 50,000/-

v  1 Year Programme

Highlights of DRDP and FRDP

·         Own funding mechanism for local development

·         SGC’s contributions to research enterprises

·         Creates an ambience conducive to research

·         Encourages research mentality and aptitude

·         A fillip to departmental research facilities

·         Benefits department library and E database

·         Departments as vital hubs for research activities

·         Links to INFLIBNET and N-LIST

·         Charts the course of future academic research

·         The college as miniature UGC

·         Enhanced team work

·         Own funding mechanism

·         Locally relevant research

·         Commitment towards local community

·         Promotes harmony between society and academia

·         Yearly implementation ensures frequent appraisal

·         Funded solely by college management

·         Improved camaraderie among faculty

·         Transparent, relevant and socially committed

·         Reviewed by an independent Expert Committee

Research Development Programme Winners

Inaugural Year 2017-18

1. The DRDP winner for the Academic Year 2017-18 is the Physics Department

2. The FRDP winner for the Academic Year 2017-18 is Sri Manu Mangattu, Department of English