St George's College, Aruvithura
Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Reaccredited with 'A' Grade by NAAC

The Companion

The Companion

The Companion, as the name testifies, aspires to be a companion for students, collating peer notes. It envisions student mutation, the incarnation of students as authors. The book archives student peer notes, highlighting and channelizing the writing skills of the student community. Styled ‘Gleanings from Peer Notes’, the book aspires to tap the creative ingenuity and note-taking potential of the students. The Companion envisages the metamorphosis of the very notion of ‘student’, introducing each one to the world of academic writing and publishing at a very young age. Each peer teacher has prepared five papers on topics of academic/interdisciplinary relevance which were imparted during free hours as part of the SPTP initiative.The Companiondraws its energy, encouragement and inspiration from the stakeholders as well as the academia and even the media. It conveys to the students the crucial message that such academic ventures are indeed possible provided the major pillars of education unite and put their brains together for an enlightened campus life.

A Glimpse at The Companion

Ø  An SPTP Inspired Initiative

Ø  Gleanings from Student Peer Notes

Ø  Tapping creativity and note-taking ability

Ø  17 books collated into a single volume

Ø  Turns students into published authors

Ø  Made available at Open Library