Mathematics and Statistics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics


The Department of Mathematics was started with the very inception of the college in 1965. The college started functioning with one I group batch in which Mathematics was a main subject and 2 batches in II and III groups.

Sri. K.J. Abraham was the first member of the faculty. He was appointed in 1965 and was the HOD till his retirement in 1994.He was a dedicated teacher and a mathematician. In 1978 the college as upgraded and B.Sc Mathematics was started in 1979. Sri. C.V.Mathew joined in the Statistics department and Sr. Aleyamma Thomas joined the Mathematics department in 1979. Smt. Silvykutty Joseph joined in the Statistics department in 1980. Smt. Mollykutty John and Sri. K.J. Scaria joined in the department in 1981. In 1994, Smt. Sheelamma George joined in the department in the retirement vacancy of Prof. K.J.Abraham. Sri. K.J. Scaria left the college in 1995 and Smt. Shiny Jose joined in that vacancy. Sri. C.V. Mathew retired in the year 2005. Sr.Aleyamma Thomas and Smt. Silvykutty Joseph retired on 2008. Prof. MollykuttyJohn was on leave during the years 2006-08 and 2009-10 and was teaching in USA. Smt. Sibil Jose joined in the department of Statistics in the retirement vacancy of  Smt. Silvykutty Joseph. Shiny Jose availed FIP from 22nd March 2012 to 22nd March 2014 and Smt. Elizabeth Augustine was teaching in that vacancy. In 2014, Smt. Elizabeth Augustine joined the department in the retirement vacancy of Prof. Mollykutty John.

Since its inception, Mathematics department has been functioning well in all its dimensions. Eventhough the students enrolled are mostly from the remote rural areas they get good education here and majority of them get placement and are working in various parts of the world. The students have a very good percentage of marks. Our teachers are well disciplined, devoted and work as a team for the all round development of the student community and thereby bringing the reputation of the institution to a higher level. We thank Almighty God for All his blessings showered on us.


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Rosalin nelson
M.Sc. Mathematics
Assistant Professor on Contract
Head of the Department(S.F.)

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Alphonse Emmanuel
M.Sc. Mathematics , B.Ed.
Assistant Professor on Contract
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Sheelamma George
M.Sc. , B.Ed. ,M.Phil
Assistant Professor
Head of the Department(Aided)
College Council Member
IQAC Member

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Timmy Tomy Thalavayalil
M.Sc Mathematics
Assistant Professor on Contract
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V K Jose
Assistant Professor on Contract
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Alphy V Babu
Assistant Professor on Contract
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Dr. Shiny Jose
M.Sc. PhD. B.Ed.
Associate Professor
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Elizabeth Augustine
M.Sc. , NET,B.Ed.
Assistant Professor
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Sibil Jose
M.Sc., JRF
Assistant Professor
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  • Dr. Shiny Jose is a Research Guide in Mathematics in MG University.
  • In 2017-18, fifteen A+ were secured by the students in the department including 13th, 15th ,17th and 21st ranks in the University Examination.
  • In 2017-18, Kum. Anjana S. Nair of II DC Mathematics awarded Certificate of Appreciation as a volunteer secretary of National Service Scheme from Mahatma Gandhi University.
  • Two students got full marks in V and VI semester university exam


List of Luminous Alumni

  • Dr. V. K. Jose(Associate Professor in Mathematics,St. Thomas College Pala, Rtd)
  • Prof. K. J. Mathew (Associate Professor in Mathematics, Devamatha College Kuravilangad, Rtd)
  • Prof. Sheelamma George (Associate Professor in Mathematics, St. George’s College Aruvithura)
  • Sri. Mijose V. Xaviour ( Chartered Accountant, Australia)
  • Dr. Ambily P. Mathew ( Assistant Professor in Mathematics, CMS College Kottayam)
  • Dr. Boby P. Mathew (Assistant Professor in Mathematics, St. Thomas College Pala)
  • Dr. Nicy Sebastian (Assistant Professor in Statistics,St. Thomas College Trissur)
  • Prof. Elizabeth Augustine (Assistant Professor in Mathematics, St. George’s College Aruvithura)
  • Prof. Sibil Jose (Assistant Professor in Statistics, St. George’s College Aruvithura)
  • Ms. Neemdu R ( Chief Manager, SBI,UK)
  • Prof. Babin B.( Assistant Professor in Mathematics, NSS College Vazhoor)
  • Prof. Jismy Joseph ( Assistant Professor in Statistics, Vimala College Trissur)
  • Ms. Chinnu Thomas ( Probationary Officer,Federal Bank)
  • Ms. Serina Rahim  (Probationary Officer, South Indian Bank)
  • Ms. Meenu Jose (Assistant Professor, CArmel College, Mala, Thrissur)